After graduating from college, I searched endlessly to find employment. With the school year rapidly approaching, I feared that I would never secure a teaching position. However, the Fairfield Teachers’ Agency successfully aided me in securing a full time teaching position. The staff at the agency exemplified honesty, courtesy and effectiveness when it came to helping me find employment. l owe a great debt of gratitude for the tireless efforts on my behalf. The Fairfield Teachers’ Agency truly epitomizes professionalism in the field of education.”
– W. Russell, High School Social Studies Teacher

“Just a quick note to tell you that this is the easiest fee obligation I have had in a long time. I may not have known it 15 years ago, but I know now that I was meant to counsel in a school setting. I go to work with a smile and feel very lucky. Thank you for your assistance.”
– D. Finocchi, High School Guidance Counselor

“Job hunting in the summer months can be a stressful situation. The person I worked with made me feel at ease. I got the impression he was not going to let September come around without finding me a job first! ”
– K. Walsh, Elementary School Psychologist

“Your efforts on my behalf have been wonderful! To be sure, your efforts have yielded possibillties for me that two years of intermittent phone calls and letters did not. If I had availed myself of your services a few years ago, I would have probably been entering my third year of a good job. And it is with that in mind that I can whole-heartedly recommend your agency to anyone who would care to be spared the phone calls, letters, faxes and other labors that are part of a job search. My signing up the Fairfield Teachers’ Agency allowed me to do away with some exhausting and frustrating labor, and l am grateful to your agency for the relief and help you have provided.”
– J. Cooper, High School English Teacher

“Thank you for all of your assistance. I love my job, and this is the happiest I have been at work in years. Each day is a new adventure, and the staff and students are wonderful.”
– R. Latterman, Elementary Special Education Teacher

“I believe your services are more than worth the placement fee. Fairfield Teachers’ Agency offers real job support and matches a candidate’s goals with job opportunities. Their service is an efficient way to obtain a teaching position versus sending letters to schools that generally receive no response.”
– D. Rosenberg, High School English Teacher

“The service I received from Fairfield Teachers’ Agency was professional, courteous and prompt. Within minutes of my interview with FTA, I was on my way to interview with a school. I subsequently received a job offer which I accepted. Thank you Fairfield Teachers’ Agency!”
– T. Camhi, Middle School Spanish Teacher

“In life you get what you pay for! I informed Fairfield Teachers’ Agency my top choice for a school district that I wished to work. Today l am a Marketing teacher at that very school district as a result. I could not be happier. Thank you Fairfield Teachers’ Agency!”
– T. Reilly, High School Business Teacher

“I thought the team at Fairfield Teachers’ Agency was very helpful and professional. I also liked how you communicated my interests and specialties to prospective employers. It was time saving and made for a better fit for both me as the teacher and the district as well. Thanks so much.”
– S. French, Middle School Special Education Teacher

“I am so grateful to Fairfield Teachers’ Agency for using their obviously excellent reputation with Connecticut public schools in order to assist me in getting my wonderful new position.”
– L. Clark, Elementary Education Teacher

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