Fairfield Teachers’ Agency receives hundreds of vacancies each year from schools located in Connecticut and Westchester County, New York, allowing you to expand your search without additional time and effort on your part.

Considering that we service public, charter, parochial and independent schools, our candidates are given much broader options and opportunities from which to chose.
Candidates who are registered with Fairfield Teachers’ Agency are also very free to apply to schools on their own. An accurate list of these schools is kept so that we do not duplicate your efforts.

Our placements specialists are in touch with schools on a daily basis so as to procure new vacancies, as well as promote the candidates we are representing for active listings. As a result, we have the most complete and current vacancy list available. Being that many of our vacancies have not been advertised, your application will be among the very first to be considered. Unlike services that offer online job postings, our positions are current and up-to-date.

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